Windows Server Essentials(含軟體保證)

Windows Server 2012
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Windows Server Essentials is a Windows Server operating system, to have a maximum of 25 users, small organizations 50 devices designed. When the product is installed on a server computer, it will automatically set the network role, such as printer servers, Domain Control (domain controller), web server (web server) and file server.

This product provides a server authorized to run on the server has a maximum of two physical processors (physical processors) of. At the same time, up to 25 users and 50 devices can be connected to an authorized server installed, no additional Client Access Authorization (CALs). More authorize instructions, see: Guide to the Windows Server Editions and Licensing .

Limit the number of applications : This product is a "Non-Core-Based Authorization" server products, according to regulations, two-year cycle of inner regardless of what classification items, add up to apply for up to five products. See: the number of donations, classified under a single provision .

Microsoft plans to offer donations which versions of the software?

You can download all languages, and the old and new versions of the software in the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). You can refer to the Microsoft classification items ( PDF file ) for the latest version currently available.

Benefits to the organization

If you have some system administration experience, you can use Windows Server  Essentials to:

  • Set up your organization's first server, which can be used on its own or act as the primary server in a multiserver environment
  • Support common IT scenarios like folder and printer sharing, remote access, support for mobile devices, and backup/restore tools
  • Provide access to cloud services such as Office 365

    The main function

  •  Windows Server product technologies: Essentials provides the core technologies of Windows Server. It does not include those appropriate only to medium-to-large enterprises, such as Hyper-V virtualization or the Server Core or Nano Server installation options.
  •  Simplified management console: Administrators can manage common IT tasks and view the health and security of client computers and servers in the network through the Dashboard. Alerts warn you of items that need attention.
  •  Remote access: DirectAccess allows secure access to the network from any computer or device without a VPN connection. Remote Web Access gives any user with a web browser secure access to email, internal websites, shared folders, organization and administration links, and networked computers.
  •  Data protection: You can perform complete system backups and restores of the server as well as client devices. Storage Spaces allows you to create virtual disks from disparate hard drives with specified levels of resilience.
  •  Cloud integration: The software is designed for simple integration with cloud services like Azure Backup and Office 365.

    Made products : from 2013/10/10, Microsoft will no longer offer software CD. Once you complete your order and payment procedures, please refer to the organization's registered email mailbox, you will receive the Microsoft sent a "donation agreement enabled a large number of authorized letter", please follow the instructions to confirm the contract and obtain software and key. Download and installation of the software, please refer to the "how to deal with the downloaded ISO file from Microsoft?" Or "use ISO file to install the new Microsoft operating system" . License key allows you to use the installation CD to install the product, install the authorization number of times that you are applying. The installation process you will receive three e-mail:

  • When your order is approved donation TECHNOLOGY soup will be sent an e-mail to organize your mailbox to confirm the number of licenses applied for. Please remember to "My Account" to confirm your organization in the technology soup registered email is correct and often sent and received.
  • Microsoft will send a letter to apply for a large number of authorized service center organizations (VLSC) welcome letter.
  • Microsoft will send a subject line "Microsoft volume licensing agreement to enable the donation letter" of Email. If the applicant organization is the first time a large number of authorized service center, you should wait for the registration to this so you can sign in a large number of authorized service center instructions to the letter.

    Software assurance : Based on Microsoft's software assurance program, the contract period of two years, a free upgrade to the latest available version.

  • Price: NT$1,218