Lync Server (包含軟體保證)

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Lync Server is a real-time communications server. It supports instant messaging (IM), presence information, web conferencing, and telephony, all through an office's existing communications infrastructure. Lync Server's client applications are Lync and several others with which it is backward compatible.

This donation provides one server license. Each user or device that accesses Lync Server must have a Standard client access license (CAL). Additive Enterprise CALs or Plus CALs are required to access certain features. See the Licensing section for additional information.




If you have network administration experience, you can use Lync Server to:

  • Manage all live communications among users within and outside of your organization
  • Connect users for sharing Office documents and IM and voice conversations
  • Request and launch meetings through Outlook or a web interface


  •  Instant messaging:Users inside and outside of an organization can use IM over the Lync desktop clients. They can also use a web-based interface to connect with most popular IM clients.
  •  Telephony: Administrators can use Lync Server to manage both voice over IP (VoIP) and traditional (PSTN) telephony. Lync Server can work within your organization's existing telephone and PBX systems.
  •  Office integration: You can use and distribute PowerPoint presentations within a web conference. Users can edit Office documents in real time locally or remotely. Lync Server options also appear in the interfaces of Office applications.
  •  Live audio and video conferencing: Lync Server is compatible with Microsoft RoundTable or any device that supports Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) or Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP).
  •  Encrypted communication: Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) protect sensitive information without limiting software functionality and eliminate the need for remote users to establish virtual private network (VPN) connections.


Standard CALs are required for each user or device accessing Lync Server. Additive CALs might be required depending on which Lync Server features are used.

  •  Standard CAL:For IM, presence, or PC-to-PC audio and video communications.
  •  Enterprise CAL:For audio, video, and web conferencing; desktop sharing; room systems; and multiple HD video streams. Enterprise CALs can only be used in conjunction with Standard CALs.
  •  Plus CAL:For enterprise telephony features. Plus CALs can only be used in conjunction with Standard CALs. 

To enable all features, all three licenses (Standard, Enterprise, and Plus) are needed.

See the Guide to Microsoft Server Licensing for general licensing information.

取得產品: 從 2013/10/10 開始,微軟將不再提供軟體光碟。一旦您完成訂單與匯款手續,請留意組織註冊的 email 信箱,您將收到微軟所寄送的「大量授權捐贈協議啟用信」,請依照指示確認合約並取得軟體與金鑰。軟體的下載與安裝方式,請參考「該如何處理從微軟下載的ISO檔?」「使用 ISO檔安裝全新的微軟作業系統」。授權金鑰讓您可以使用安裝光碟安裝產品,安裝授權的次數就是您所申請的次數。安裝過程您會收到三封電子郵:
  1. 當您的捐贈訂單被批准,科技濃湯將寄出一封電子郵件到您的組織信箱,用來確認所申請的授權數目。請記得到「我的帳號」,確認貴單位在科技濃湯註冊的電子郵件,是正確並經常收發的。
  2. 微軟將寄送一封給申請組織的大量授權服務中心(VLSC)歡迎信。
  3. 微軟將寄送一封主旨為「微軟大量授權捐贈協議啟用信」的 Email。如果申請組織是第一次使用大量授權服務中心,您應該等待這封讓您能註冊、登入大量授權服務中心的指示信。

軟體保證: 基於微軟軟體保證計畫,在合約期限 2 年內,可免費升級到最新可用的版本。

Price: NT$8,750